My Background

bildschirmfoto-2017-01-30-um-23-54-19For well over 20 years now, I have worked in an international context, playing an instrumental role in streamlining and optimizing  strategies, processes and organizational structures. I have worked closely with people up to the executive level, motivating teams and doing creative, inspiring work to help employees, colleagues, clients and peers to reach their goals. My path has taken me through marketing, project management, IT, management consulting and also teaching and coaching.

I currently work  for the Digital business at one of Germany’s largest retailers – along with my colleagues it is my mission to ensure that we have a system in place that helps people find their individual purpose, to be able to adapt their individual development to the ever-changing and agile mode of work we do, and to find a way to bring individual aspirations in line with what we do as a team.

You can find more details on my track-record in my profiles here:

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Let’s collaborate.

Another passion of mine is for Learning and Sharing experiences and ideas. I do so in seminars, bar-camps, open-spaces, conferences and other get-togethers where people are gathered to discuss, discover, and design what the modern style of working can be.

So I invite you to come on a little journey with me – let’s find out together what adaptive, individual development means, and how we can make it work, and how that – in the end – makes for better products and services for whomever those products and services are intended.


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Do you need to  get something done as a team? Are you looking for an impulse and ideas from a fresh mind? I have extensive experience in facilitating Sessions – large or small.


I like to think of it as Learning and Sharing. I am a certified trainer, but I also learn through sharing. There are a number of topics where I can either help you design trainings, or I can act as an instructor.


When defining your purpose and making it into a reality, sometimes a little guidance can go a long way. As a coach, I help you look inside to discover how your own inner resources aid you in  living that purpose.


I am happy to share my experiences, give pointers and tips, and to collaborate with you on how to get yourself and your people motivated.




Others I collaborate with

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