Manage Agile Konferenz 2016: Getting people hyped about People Management



In November I attended the Manage Agile Konferenz in Berlin for the first time. There were many very good keynotes, presentations and workshops mainly focussed on finding new ways of applying agile principles in order to garner good team results and higher customer satisfaction. But in parts it was also very much about people.

d1.2-jackson.JPGI was also a presenter at the conference – my topic was, of course, how People Management done the right way can help facilitate growth and bring individual development, team,  and company goals closer together. You can find information on my presentation  Here.  The jist of what I presented is in this blogpost.

And I must admit – I was quite happy with the feedback I received – looks like this topic definitely has people listening 😉

Overall information on the Conference can be found here:
Manage Agile – what’s it about?


Pictures courtesy of HLMC Events GmbH



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