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Let’s collaborate.

Another passion of mine is for Learning and Sharing experiences and ideas. I do so in seminars, bar-camps, open-spaces, conferences and other get-togethers where people are gathered to discuss, discover, and design what the modern style of working can be.

So I invite you to come on a little journey with me – let’s find out together what adaptive, individual development means, and how we can make it work, and how that – in the end – makes for better products and services for whomever those products and services are intended.


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Do you need to  get something done as a team? Are you looking for an impulse and ideas from a fresh mind? I have extensive experience in facilitating Sessions – large or small.


I like to think of it as Learning and Sharing. I am a certified trainer, but I also learn through sharing. There are a number of topics where I can either help you design trainings, or I can act as an instructor.


When defining your purpose and making it into a reality, sometimes a little guidance can go a long way. As a coach, I help you look inside to discover how your own inner resources aid you in  living that purpose.


I am happy to share my experiences, give pointers and tips, and to collaborate with you on how to get yourself and your people motivated.




Others I collaborate with

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